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We serve virtually all frozen foods channels with dedicated R&D, culinary, processing, packaging and shipping capabilities.

With the added global scale and investment resources of CP Foods, we can provide products and solutions for North America's largest customers.

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Our Product Categories Include:

  • Fully Cooked and Par Fried Proteins, Plant-based items, and Vegetables
  • Single Serve and Multi Serve Entrees and Side Dishes
  • Pizzas and Pizza Bites®
  • Bite-sized appetizers, snacks, desserts, breakfasts, and other items
  • Pasta entrees, Lasagna, and Side Dishes
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Food Safety

We maintain food safety as our core ethic

We are a proud leader in frozen food manufacturing food safety. Food safety and quality are at the core of what we do at CP Foods North America.

Our exceptional GFSI certification scores are the result of living our food safety commitment on every shift. Our Certified Organic, Halal, and Gluten Free product lines are ready for whatever project you have in mind.

Let our industry-leading food safety culture protect your brand!

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World-class R&D

Our Culinary team is the best in the industry

Our World-class R&D processes create a one stop shop of solutions for our customers. We are able to deliver new product formulation and reformulation of existing products if needed or conversion of existing recipes into factory production processes. Our flexible, small batch production facility ensures precise execution on all products. Our R&D team creates value for all of our customers.

To discuss what our R&D team can help you create:
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Let us put our leading frozen foods co-manufacturing and culinary excellence to work for you.

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