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Our Ingredients and Culinary Care

Our products are made with the freshest, safest ingredients because of our commitment to quality and our global team’s unique scale and access.

Our chefs and R&D teams work with our clients to achieve not only great kitchen prototypes, but those that can be produced with our small batch, high efficiency techniques.

Our Long Term Partnership Mentality

This culinary and food safety approach is why we are privileged to have the largest brand owners, restaurant chains and food retailers as longtime partners.

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Specialty Proteins

Since 1968, Overhill Farms has been a west coast leader in further processing and cooking raw chicken, beef, pork and shrimp for foodservice, co-manufacturing, retail deli and retail ready meal customers. Our dedicated Los Angeles facilities' state-of-the-art production lines and development kitchens give us unique, small batch, high efficiency capabilities.

Some examples of our products:
Beef Bulgogi | Tempura Chicken | Roasted Chicken Breast | Tatsu Chicken | Battered Chicken | Breaded Parmesan Chicken | Mesquite Chicken Breast | Chicken Patty | Breaded Shrimp

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Entrees / Ready Meals

We are a North American leader in frozen ready meals due to our culinary staff, state-of-the-art small batch, high speed lines and packaging versatility. Our next door protein cooking plant and our on-site pasta extrusion plant assures that every meal has freshness locked in.

We are privileged to call virtually every major food retailer, club store and dollar store chain our partners. We also partner with some of the world’s largest frozen foods and foodservice brands.

Some examples of our products:
Power Bowls | Teriyaki Bowls | Tikka Masala | Breakfast Casserole | Grain Bowls | Shepherds Pie | Korean Beef Bowl

Image of Product - Pasta


We make our own pasta from the finest semolina durum wheat at our small batch, on-site pasta plant. Our fresh pasta is flash frozen assuring the absolute freshest taste and best texture. Whether traditional or innovative, we always start with the best ingredients. We custom prepare our pasta dishes and, like all of our other products, they can be packaged in single serve, family pack, or food service pans or pouches.

Some examples of our products:
Lasagna | Macaroni and Cheese | Chicken Alfredo | Spaghetti Bolognese | Pasta Bake

Image of Product - Sides

Side Dishes

Our side dish business has evolved as our clients' chefs have discovered our small batch kettles and culinary development capabilities. Today we produce side dishes for virtually every ethnic cuisine as well as staple comfort foods. Our premium ingredient sourcing and unique batch kitchen produces unparalleled flavors and textures.

Some examples of our products:
Mashed Cauliflower | Mashed Sweet Potatoes | Baked Beans | Battered Crispy Cauliflower | Parmesan Broccoli | Loaded Mashed Potatoes | Stuffing | Green Bean Casserole | Au Gratin Potatoes

Image of Product - Handhelds


We marry common handheld formats with our ability to custom develop any protein, sauce, plant-based or other ingredients to make incredible products. We also have the full range of packaging and flow wrap formats for any channel.

Some examples of our products:
Dough Enrobed Sweet Bites | Handheld Mini Fried Sweets | Turkey or Veggie Burger | Baked Filled Breads | On the Go Snacks and Appetizers

Image of Product - Soups Sauces

Sauces and Soups

Our soups deliver great homemade taste, whether home is the American heartland, Italy, France or Asia. Our sauces are designed to excite your taste buds, from the old favorites like marinara, mushroom, barbecue or cheese sauce, or an exciting new offering that derives from ethnic cuisine, we can custom-create a sauce that will be unique.

Some examples of our products:
Tikka Masala Sauce | Alfredo Sauce | Meat Sauce | Bolognese Sauce | Tomato Soup | Teriyaki Sauce | Gravy

Image of Product - Snacks


We are a global leader in both frozen baked and frozen fried snacks of all cuisines, fillings and topicals. Our chefs leverage our culinary capabilities in proteins, sauces, pizza and ready meals to produce innovative, high end snacks that are truly world-class.

Some examples of our products:
Pizza Bites® | Dessert Bites | Cheese Bites | Dough Enrobed Fruit Bites | Egg & Sausage Breakfast Bite | Open Faced Bites | Handheld Snacks | Handheld Desserts

Image of Product - Plant Based


Our culinary experts are ready to work with you to creat plant-based meals, snacks, and sides to grow your business. We have developed plant-based crusts and handheld wrappers, plant-based side dishes and par-fried vegetables perfect as snacks or appetizers.

Some examples of our products:
Mashed Sweet Potatoes | Sweet Potato Holiday Dessert | Mashed Cauliflower | Cauliflower Crusted Pizza | Cauliflower Wraps on Pizza Bites® | Par‑Fried Cauliflower

Image of Product - Pizzas


We are a specialty leader in the massive frozen pizza category. We combine our local R&D and culinary developers with the global ingredient sourcing of CP Foods. Our pizzas are everywhere you look from foodservice to retail to Club stores. We co-manufacture for the biggest brands in the industry and supply private label pizzas for leading retailers.

Some examples of our products:
Value Pizza | Combo Pizza | Cauliflower Crust | Flatbreads | Retail and Foodservice Pizzas

Let us put our leading frozen foods co-manufacturing and culinary excellence to work for you.

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